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At Catapult we believe in working closely with
each client to determine the project objectives, target market or audience, budgets, and
short-term and long-term goals to develop
effective communications tools and strategic,
coordinated products and materials.

Catapult works extensively on projects
incorporating multilingual content. We
understand and respect cultural and heritage
elements within our design work, as well as business requirements, client confidentiality
and international styles and customs.

Catapult has a network of printers and suppliers
and can offer complete and cost-effective
production of print, signage, exhibit, packaging
and promotional materials. Catapult can also
work efficiently with supplied printers and
contractors to ensure professional results
and timely delivery.

Catapult works closely with media partners
throughout the world to deliver effective
marketing and advertising solutions, stream-
lined ad delivery and coordinated advertising

At Catapult, we understand the realities
of dealing with existing design standards,
corporate/government branding regulations,
space limitations and logistical requirements.
We also understand the importance of balancing
creativity, realistic budgets and critical timelines.